Whiskey Glass Candle 14 oz

Whiskey Glass Candle 14 oz

Burn me, clean me, drink me! Beautiful whiskey glass candle. At southpaw we believe in being resourcful and efficient. If you are going to purchase our candles not only will you get an all natural chemical free candle but you will be able to utlize the glass after as well...with your beverage of choice!


About Soy Candles


  • They are natural! Soy candles are basically made from soy beans. Soybeans are renewable and natural sources local farmers grow in several regions. Using soy wax also means supporting local farmers and agriculture and booting their operations
  • Longer Lasting- Soy Wax candles are typically long lasting compared to other types such as paraffin. The longevity of soy wax candles is largely due to its slow and cooler burning temperature. Moreover, soy wax is biodegradable and makes an eco-friendly wax choice. Although the cost of purchasing soy candles is initially more, its actually a more economical choice because they're going to burn much longer than their chemical counterpart--paraffin.
  • Soy wax has the tendency to expand or contract. These are effects that are natural due to the changes of temperature and the natural characteristics of soy wax. While contracting and expanding are natural occurrences of this are mostly unavoidable, it helps to keep candles in a consistently warmer (above 60 degrees) temperature. Cooler temperatures will cause shrinkage.
  • Soy wax may create frost marks in the candle. There are additives to help with this but we do not use those additives with our wax as we want our candles to be good for the health of our clients and for the environment



  • Candle Care

    • The first time you burn our candles, its important to allow it to burn for 2-3 hours to create a full "melt pool". This means the melted wax reaches all the way to the edge of the container
    • This ensures a clean, even burn all the way down. If the first burn is too short the candle will only burn down the middle, creating a tunnel
    • The wood wick is my favorite thing. It requires a touch more maintenance, but creates a beautiful flickering, crackling wide flame
    • To care for the wood wick, simply pinch off any split portion of the wood wick gently between two fingers before being re-lit